Inlet Protection MCS TCW&F


Municipality personnel looking for ways to prevent storm water contamination; a land developer or a construction Project Superintendent looking for the best BMP for your project? Continue your website visit by clicking on Inlet Protection page then call Inlet Protection Services for a free demo of the Basin Blocker bag.

A road/highway construction Project Manager? Milling Cleanup Services now provides milling cleanup and storm water protection in one (1) package. Continue your website visit by clicking on Milling Cleanup Services page then call us for free quote or questions.

A business owner of street sweepers or heavy equipment? Continue your visit on our TCW&F page then call Tarpon Circle Welding & Fabricating for a free quote or questions.


Teresa & Glenn Dotts have been in the road/highway construction & land development sweeping industry for 15 years. During those years we’ve seen many changes in the EPA requirements regarding storm water contamination. Our on- site experience with various types of construction has given us insight as to how to best meet the needs of our existing customers as well as those looking for a better BMP. Thank you for visiting with us and we look forward to assisting you with our products and services.